Drywear T-shirts

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Protection against underarm odour and sweat
The DryWear T-shirt is a singlet that protects you from unsightly sweat stains on your everyday clothing. The waterproof membrane is sewn directly into the DryWear T-shirt, and it blocks the extreme sweat under your arms, and also offers protection from stains on your normal clothing. The innovative anti-bacterial copper wire woven into the T-shirt prohibits the smell of sweat. The T-shirt also absorbs sweat, and ensures that your outerwear stays 100% dry.

Our DryWear T-shirts are made from the luxurious fibre-cotton Lensin Modal® (95%) and spandex (5%). This combination ensures an extremely soft and comfortable T-shirt that fits perfectly to your body. The membrane under the sleeves prohibits sweat from getting through to the rest of your clothing, and is woven together with ultrafine copper wires, ensuring an anti-bacterial layer in your T-shirt that protects your body and prohibits the odour of sweat. Lensin Modal®, is a revolutionary fibre from the manufacturer Lensing, which is produced from birch tree laminate. The Lensing Modal® fabric is CO2 neutral, and produced in Austria.

The feeling of our shirts
Modal fibre from Lensing feels naturally soft on your skin. It’s a very light product, thus making this thin and discreet T-shirt almost unnoticeable.

The design is slim-fit, which adjusts to any body shape and size. We have designed the DryWear T-shirt in such a way that you are guaranteed a perfect fit. You won’t have to worry about tucking your T-shirt into your trousers throughout the day. This because the t-shirts are extra-long to ensure you won’t pull your shirt or outer T-shirt out from your trousers. Our V-neck model is purposely designed to be deep in order to give you the opportunity of wearing a shirt or a polo without anyone noticing the DryWear T-shirt. If you want a crew-neck instead, this option is also available.

The DryWear T-shirt is designed to be used as a singlet; a shirt beneath your main layer of clothing. It’s very light, and barely noticeable when you are wearing a shirt, polo or any other outer clothing layer. If you are suffering from severe armpit sweat, these T-shirts are a must-have, although they are also suitable for a range of purposes. In particular, they are perfect for business people, salesmen, students, TV hosts, actors, golfers, party wear and, of course, your everyday use when you wish to avoid unsightly sweat and odours.